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Challenge Accepted

October 27, 2020


Recently CEA Advanced Animation Student Alvaro Romero Rodriquez was presented with an opportunity to take part in Bardel’s Modelling & Surfacing Bootcamp. The Bootcamp runs for six weeks and provides artists the incredible opportunity to be mentored by veteran Bardel employees.

“We are so proud of the work that the Bootcamp interns accomplished this year at Bardel! They worked extremely hard and took on all the challenges that we presented to them.  Working in a studio setting can be intimidating for new artists but they were dedicated to learning and applying the skills we taught in the program. Well-done! Congratulations to all our graduates! – Gianmario Catania, CG Supervisor

Alvaro managed to successfully navigate the bootcamp and was offered a position at Bardel working 20hrs a week until graduation.  We are extremely proud of his accomplishment and would like to thank Alvaro for answering the call and being an inspiration to his fellow students! 

Thank You to Bardel for this incredible opportunity that you have provided Alvaro and The CEA!