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Jeremia Kenneth Chandra Kusuma

May 7, 2021


Jurassic Park changed a lot of kids lives.  For Jeremia Kenneth Chandra Kusuma, it made him want to be a dinosaur for a few years.  Then fate intervened and his parents brought home a BBC DVD about how the show “Walking with Dinosaurs” was created. When Jeremia saw how the team behind the show brought these prehistoric creatures to life, it inspired him to walk his own path into the world of animation. 


“I started to study every animal’s movement and how their muscles would shape and react to such movements, I would even act like them to get the feels. Humans are no exception, especially in our faces that have many complicated muscles. I am thankful that Im continuing my study at CEA. CEA has been very supportive towards their students, and the lecturers are very knowledgeable in their field. Every question that I give, they will have the answer. I could say that from the four Colleges that I have attended, CEA stands on top of them.” 


Jeremia understands the importance of networking and how developing your professional network opens new pathways to success. 


“Before CEA, I was trying my best to get my feet into the industry. Every day, I committed myself to at least one post, one comment, one interaction, and I would force myself to share something on LinkedIn. From my commitments, I was able to meet a lot of professionals that were happy to share their knowledge.  Day by day, I saw that my profile was getting noticed, and then one day out of the blue, someone from Unity contacted me. I felt so happy, nervous, and excited. I worked a gig with Unity and even though had the opportunity to continue workingdecided to finish my education.  More studios began reaching out to me and one day, I saw an email from Squidbrain’s ProducerThis is the first step where I will prove my skills to the world until the day, I get to rig a dinosaur for a feature” 


Jeremia is an inspiration to his fellow students, and we look forward to watching his future Dinosaur bring joy and ignite the imagination of kids from around the world. 


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