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Michael Kessler

May 6, 2021


Michael Kessler is a CEA Instructor in our Game Technology Program with sixteen years experience in the gaming industry. Finding that first flair for creativity can come from anywhere – for Michael, it came from the easily accessible software Microsoft Paint. 


I have had an interest in computer graphics since I was very young. My parents’ friends would let me use their computer while they visited, and I would draw for hours in MS paint. I once painted an impressive star destroyer and after receiving praise for my mousing skill I found a calling. I spent many years after that dabbling in computer art. In secondary I discovered 3d computer graphics and began expressing my creativity with the medium. I then worked as a graphic designer in the fashion industry but soon after went to college to study video game development.  


For the past 16 years I have been making computer games in many different capacities. I started as a game designer then transferred to being an artist. After a time doing environment art, I went on to become a concept artist. Most recently I have been taken by procedural art techniques for game development. I take joy in automating tasks I have done by hand most of my career.  


Teaching these modern game development techniques has been quite rewarding. As games grow in complexity and scope many of the procedural tools such as Houdini and Substance designer will be highly valued in studios. It has been great watching students progress from the fundamentals of game art to the advanced steps to create procedural art assets. 


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