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Ranganath Vemula

April 8, 2021


Ranganath Vemula has always had an idea of what his future would look like.  He knows things not because he is psychic, but because he understands the importance of setting goals and then rapidly achieving them.  Growing up in India, he had a rich and vibrant film experience with traditional Indian films, but it was seeing The Avengers that opened his mind and made him ask “how did they do that? and how can I learn how to do that!”  At just 14, Ranganath talked his way into a small animation studio to learn some editing, it was there he was exposed to the world of animation and was provided mentorship that further inspired him to build a career in VFX. 


Upon graduating grade 12 he immediately joined Pixelloid Studios to gain further experience. “Though I understood how films were made, I wasn’t capable of repeating the same magic.  I made the decision to enroll at 3DSense Media School in Singapore to refine my abilities and build up my portfolio.  It was an amazing time as I began to unlock the mysteries of VFX and my work started to drastically improve to the point where I could begin working with clients as a freelance artist.” 


Knowing that he was close made Ranganath more focused than ever.  His skills were progressing, but through honest critique he was receiving from others, he realizethat he needed to refocus and relearn the fundamentals from high level industry professionals that are working at the studios he hopes to be working at in the future. 


“All the experience I had told me Vancouver is the best place for VFX. After some research, I found out that CEA has a very strong curriculum to strengthen my basics whilst giving me exposure to industry leading artists and mentorship opportunities that will help me realize my lifelong goal of becoming a VFX artist on major motion pictures. 


In speaking with Ranganath we get the feeling that he will not stop until he is helping to build an iconic superhero for a blockbuster movie.  There simply is no other outcome that will suffice. 


Check out his work here: