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November 27, 2020


With the rapid evolution of technology across all aspects of our industry it makes sense that we put in the effort to ensure we are up to speed and that we are keeping up with current industry trends.  In an effort to share with our students how both artistic and technical roles work hand in hand in the realm of VFX, Instructor Mario Rokicki invited Isabelle Allès to join his Scripting + VFX Colour Pipeline class for a CEA Student Exclusive presentation.  Isabelle is a very talented Pipeline Technical Director at Double Negative here in Vancouver as well as a Mechatronics Engineer.  

Having worked and studied in STEM programs since secondary, Isabelle has wealth of knowledge and experience in building tools and pipelines for multiple different VFX departments, including Creature FX simulations, virtual camera system (hardware), Animation, CG assets, Crowd Simulations, asset management systems and more! 

She also has a large range of experience in building these tools for Houdini, Clarisse, Maya, Nuke and Massive just to name a few. In addition to tools and support, she mentors and upcoming Junior Pipeline TDs.  Isabelle spoke to our VFX students about the importance of having technical artistic knowledge and the opportunities that it will provide. Thank you, Isabelle, for joining us today!  

And thank you to Mario for coordinating another fantastic industry guest for our CEA students! 

About our Advanced VFX Diploma Program

The Advanced Visual Effects (VFX) program allows you to confidently enter production-ready roles in the fast-growing film and game industries. You’ll learn the history of special effects techniques and apply that knowledge to create an entire short film from top to bottom. This includes directing, designing, and building 3D assets, as well as fully integrating visual effects shots from concept to post-production.

Along the way, you will develop a professional demo reel and portfolio in line with the latest industry trends. Beyond the classroom, you have the opportunity to establish professional connections through a variety of industry events as you prepare to take on visual effects and motion graphics roles working in feature film, games, and other media.

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